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A 2010 Marketing Graduate of WVU. Brent has worked in numerous fields around the city. From recruiting licensed agents for broker price opinions, coding benefits at highmark, event planning in south side bars, to most recently running a digital media start up. Brent sold his other business in order to join forces with Jewels at Public Print House. Combining his business skills with Jewels print knowledge has turned the shop into a thriving business in just 3 short years. 


The mastermind behind the printing and design at Public Print House, Jewels has over 10 years printing experience. Previously the head printer at Boots Printing Company, Jewels has printed thousands of jobs in the city. His eye and knowledge bring your designs to life, while designing many of the shirts you see on our own Public clothing line. He also has his own art company which is rapidly growing. He has done murals for numerous restaurants around the city and even painted our neighbor Millie's ice cream truck. Visit to see more of his work or to contact him for business inquiries.