What type of blanks?

Visit our suggested Catalog or contact us to discuss your specific needs. We work with several clothing distributors to find the perfect item for your project.

Print locations?

It is always best to send a mock-up.
Standard front left chest or neck tag 4"W, front or back full sized image 12" x 16" max, trendy mid-sized image 7-8" W.

What color shirts?

We offer thousands of colors, styles and washes, from classic black, grey and white to modern stone washed. Tell us what you are looking for or let us suggest a style that fits your brand and design.

Additional info.

Please tell us your due date, if you would like bag and tag services, and any specialty print options (distressed look, single pass, bright white)

Ink colors?

We stock 20-40 standard ink colors for you to choose from for your project. We also custom match your Pantone, or PMS colors for a small upcharge.




iPad or tablet programs such as ProCreate or Sketchbook.

Works for single color images with low detail. Edges will not be sharp and high detail could be lost depending on resolution. Printable but less than ideal.

Settings: File to actual print size in inches if possible. 300 dpi or better. Standard color settings.

Please make sure the image that you want printed is on a single layer by itself with a transparent background. 


Photoshop or Photoshop PDF raster images. 
Ideal option for any DTG printing. Works well for photo or gradient-based printing but not well for solid logos or text. If a design incorporates both vector and Photoshop elements please send all associated files.
Settings: File to actual print size in inches. Our standard art-board size for screen-printing is 13" x 19", actual print size maximum 12" x 16". 300PPI or better, DTG printing up to 1200PPI. Transparent background.


Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw vector images.
For most things that we have screen-printed vector files will give the best results. Ideal for any solid logos, text based designs, anything with a hard outline, solid color or low detail gradients. Vectors are infinitely scalable without losing resolution and that makes us happy.
Settings: File to actual print size in inches. Our standard art-board size for screen-printing is 13" x 19", actual print size maximum 12" x 16". Transparent background. Please turn all text into outlines and expand any shapes. Each color should be on it's own layer and delete any transparent shapes.


Always send the highest resolution file that you have available to you and we will do our best to work with it or let you know what your other options are. If a proper artwork file cannot be provided we can recreate most files in a printable high resolution artwork file that will be yours to keep. Fees are based upon complexity of logo or image and are priced on a job to job basis. Ranges from $30 for simple text to vector file or up to $300 to recreate a hand drawn image with multiple layers.